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Arigato Gozaimashita

West Island Karate Videos - 2014

Here are some videos of West Island Karate students training, competing and just having fun.  Use the links below to watch videos from other years.  All videos courtesy of Karate Dad Productions (unless otherwise specified).  Enjoy.

More recent videos can be found in our Facebook group and on our YouTube channel.
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Here are 36 videos of just some of our many breaking attempts during a Tameshiwari Course that Sensei John gave in mid-November (videos courtesy of Sempai Dave, Gillian, Anna and your humble webmaster....thank you so much everyone).

Yukan Karate Championship

Here are 12 videos of our team competing at this year's Yukan Karate Championship.

Parents Night Out

Every once in a while, we give the parents at our dojo a well-deserved break by offering a night of inexpensive babysitting.  While the parents enjoy an evening out alone, their kids get to partake in a fun karate class, a delicious pizza dinner, and a screening of a popular (kid-appropriate) Hollywood movie complete with big picture, big sound AND popcorn.  The students can even bring their friends if they want to join in the fun!  We call it Parents Night Out and it's always a big hit with our parents and kids alike.  Here are a couple of videos from our most recent Parents Night Out that will put a smile on your face.  Enjoy.

2014 West Island Karate Championships

Here is a preview of the West Island Karate Championships, the 2014 edition of our annual tournament.